reva armoured vehicles manufacturer

REVA armoured security vehicles

REVA Armoured security vehicles

 Ballistic Protection:  B5                                                                          
 Seating:  2 + 8

The Reva Armoured Security Vehicle was purposely developed for the police and commercial security market.   

It is a cost effective solution with protection levels suited for riot, unrest, patrolling of national key points, and cash in transit operations.



 Ballistic Protection:  B6 or B7 depending on clients specifications
 Mine Classification:  STANAG 4569 LEVEL 3B
 Seating:  2 + 8

These are the most cost-effective and economical armored vehicles in ICP's range.
The REVA III is a low maintenance MRAP vehicle, capable of operating under almost all conditions. Its basic mechanical system is user friendly and easy to operate in areas with minimal logistical back-up.


REVA 5 Armored Personnel Carriers

REVA 5 Armoured Personel Carriers APC 

Ballistic Protection:  B7+
Mine Classification:  STANAG 4569 LEVEL 4B                   
Seating:  2 + 6/8

ICP’s flagship APC is the top of the range and available with fixed or independent axle systems and CTIS.

Equipped with a wider hull and a First World drive train, this armoured vehicle is a perfect addition to big fleets.

REVA 6 Heading 


 Ballistic Protection:  B7 Armored Cab
 Mine Classification:  STANAG 4569 LEVEL 4B
 Seating:  2+2
 Recovery Capability:  26 ton

This powerful 6X6 ARV, Armored Recovery Vehicle, can also be offered in a heavy weapon platform configuration.


armoured ambulance    

Ballistic Protection:  B7
Seating Front:  2
Seating Rear:

 4 Stretchers OR  
 8 Seated Patients OR
 2 Stretchers + 4 Seated Patents

The REVA AMBULANCE is an Armored Emergency Medical Vehicle, designed to safely transport injured personnel and paramedics alike.


REVA SCOUT military vehicles


Driver and Commander plus 5 Crew

 Armament: Lightly Armoured Vital Components
 Main mount: Prepared for 12,7mm DShK Heavy Machine Gun or 40mm Grenade launcher on a 360ยบ ring
 Secondary: Prepared for 4 x 7,62mm PKM on swivel mountings and 1 x 60mm mortar.

This specialized FRV, Fast Reaction Vehicle, with lightly armoured vital components is ideal for Special Forces and Anti-Poaching operations. The rear end can be configured for modular use to carry different weapon platforms.


REVA FAV Fast Attack Vehicles

Seating Front: 2
Seating Rear:  2

REVA FAV, Fast Attack Vehicle, is designed for Raids, Search & Rescue and Reconnaissance missions.


REVA Scavenger mine vehicle

REVA Scavenger mine ambulance vehicle  

The REVA SCAVENGER is available in a Short Wheel Base, Long Wheel Base and an Ambulance. This vehicle is purpose built for underground transportation and can enter into mine-cages and low tunnels. The scavenger also has a rugged design with a low-maintenance drive train specifically designed for the harsh mining environment. It is configured to adhere to the mine safety regulations and is equipped with Fail Safe break system.


REVA ARMORED VEHICLES destined for Thailand